The criteria for choosing a teacher of the Alexander Technique are similar to those which would help determine the choice of a piano teacher or a doctor, namely, length of training, quality of training, and experience.

Membership in AmSAT will increase the probability that the teacher has attended a full, 1500 hour, three year  training program. Length of training is of particular importance as the popularity of the Technique has given rise to a proliferation of "training programs" which graduate their students after as little as a few weeks of training.

We believe such programs constitute a disservice to the profession. Alexander himself required at least three years to train teachers and all responsible training programs adhere to that standard.

At present there is no way to evaluate the quality, as opposed to the length, of training. Teaching experience is of considerable value. At the moment the prospective pupil can choose from a list of teachers with anywhere from no experience to fifty five years of teaching experience. Yet the question remains, "How is one to choose a teacher?".

Fortunately, Alexander wrote four books which give very clear explanations of what his Technique is. A careful comparison of his writings, (especially the first chapter of the Use of the Self), with the practice and explanations of a prospective teacher will, we believe, aid a person in making a wise choice of a teacher.