"My study of the Alexander Technique with Ed Avak has been one of the most influential experiences of my life. As a cellist, a cello teacher, and in my personal life I have learned through Ed’s guidance that any movement flows best without exertion or strain; I’ve learned to think first, releasing the unnecessary tension in the body and just letting the action happen. This creates movement that is coordinated and effortless. It has been a liberating experience! Ed has the knowledge, the experience and the magic touch that enables his students to live and work more freely." Irene Sharp


"Linda Avak is an excellent teacher of the Alexander Technique. I began studying with Linda in order to enhance my skill and potential as a pianist, but my work with her in fact has improved my productivity in many other areas of my life as well. By instilling in me a deep understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique, Linda has given me an effective approach to dealing with challenging or stressful situations of any kind." Patricia Cheng, musician and attorney


"After my neck was fractured in a car accident, I spent several years going from one medical treatment to another to gain relief from chronic pain, stiffness, and fatigue. None of it helped, so I turned to the FM Alexander Technique. From learning the Technique, I can move freely, have much less pain, and feel energetic and alive. Through years of gentle, masterful guidance from Linda Avak, the Technique’s benefits continue to increase for me. With the strength and sense of ease that the Technique gives me, I am able to do and enjoy so much more in life than I ever imagined possible." Peter Mangione, Ph.D in child development


"As a novice student of the method, I find it to be a gentle but powerful body-mind approach to increasing sensory awareness, learning fresh ways to learn, and working with habits of excessive effort and "misuse". I sense both from the considerable experience of others and from my own experience that its application to our lives includes creatively dealing with tension, fatigue, breathing problems, and a wide variety of musculo-skeletal and psychosomatic disorders." Alan Gutman, MD


"For years what I thought was chronic bad back pain turned out to be the result of my habitual bad posture. Continuing to practice what I have learned from the Alexander Technique has meant I have not had a back spasm in years." Charlotte Jordan, therapist

"About ten years ago after an episode of back pain that threatened to limit our ski vacation, my wife suggested the Alexander Technique could eliminate these periodic problems. I started working with Ed and am very pleased that back problems have been rare and mild since then. I recommend Ed for anyone who needs to improve the health of their back." Jon Heiner, physicist and CEO


"Although my journey with Alexander Technique began as a way to help with my musical performances, I have since discovered how much it has affected my whole existence. With a demanding job and an active musical life, I am better able to handle the stress by using the techniques I've learned from Ed and Linda Avak. I highly recommend studying with them, as their intimate understanding of the Technique will help anyone who is willing to listen and try." Lianne Araki, executive assistant



"I have been taking cello lessons since age four, and now study the instrument at the college level. For many years before beginning Alexander Technique lessons, I struggled with chronic, debilitating tension in my shoulders. When I began my studies with Ed at the Center for the Alexander Technique, I was in the midst of a six-month hiatus from cello as I recovered from a nerve injury in my right arm. Over the course of a year of lessons, Ed and I have completely resolved my shoulder-tension issues. By and large, I am able to play cello without subjecting my body to pain and repetitive-stress injury, an achievement for which I credit Ed, his mastery of the Alexander Technique, and his concern for my physical well-being at the cello and in general. Ed is a great teacher and a great person just to spend time with. He has helped me more than any cello teacher, and I cannot recommend him highly enough." Isaac Pastor-Chermak, cellist


"I came to see Ed after several years of chronic back problems, expecting some kind of therapy that would make my pain go away. What I discovered instead was an entirely new way of experiencing myself, which quite literally caught me by surprise. I found that it was possible to 'occupy' my body in a way that made all activity flow from a natural sense of relaxed verticality, with an efficiency of movement which I had never before experienced. In this new relationship to my body, my back problems simply resolved themselves." Kyle Dupen, philosophy teacher